Our buildings are closed, but our community remains strong and dedicated to supporting the community and each other. We encourage you to join our Virtual Worship via computer, mobile device, or telephone to experience morning prayer as a community.

St. Joseph's Episcopal Church is committed to our faith and the containment of coronavirus (COVID-19). 

We are stronger together

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Official statement from Bishop Provenzano about the White House directive to open churches for public events

To all the People of God gathered in the Diocese of Long Island, the Episcopal Church in Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk:

Regardless of the misinformed and politically-motivated direction coming from the White House, the Church will continue to be the Church, caring for the safety of all people and protecting the health and well being of our parishioners. 

The Church will continue to be the Church and our buildings will remain closed until we can begin to safely gather in person.

We will continue to pray, worship, share in formation and education through online platforms, and other electronic communication. 

We will care for God’s people and minister to their needs and not put them at risk. 

We will honor the loyal and selfless dedication of our hospital workers and essential workers by avoiding reckless ideas and uninformed options in the face of medical science. 

St. Augustine taught us that God’s grace builds on nature. We will count on God’s grace and rely on sound science.

The Right Rev. Lawrence C. Provenzano
Bishop of Long Island
36 Cathedral Avenue
Garden City, NY 11530
Office: (516) 248-4800 ext. 131

"Lord Have Mercy"

A Message from Bishop Provenzano

 "Lord Have Mercy" - "Inside One of New York's Deadliest Zip Codes," can be viewed on the New York Times website HERE

The Right Rev. Lawrence C. Provenzano
Bishop of Long Island
36 Cathedral Avenue
Garden City, NY 11530
Office: (516) 248-4800 ext. 131

Dear Clergy and Members of the Diocese of Long Island,

This morning, the day after our commemoration of the Ascension of our Lord, I was brought to tears by a New York Times front page 12-minute online news video about the demanding and extraordinary coronavirus work by the medical and support team at our St. John’s Episcopal Hospital in Far Rockaway. 

We all have “read” about the devastating pandemic. The video powerfully shows us the cost to the victims of the disease and the cost to our hospital personnel.

As I sat and watched this report, I prayed “Lord have mercy” over and over again as tears ran down my face in gratitude for the selfless care of our doctors, nurses and staff, and in sorrow for the pain and anguish this virus inflicts on victims and their families.

I could not be prouder of our people at St John’s Episcopal Hospital. Regardless of their faith backgrounds, I see the gospel being lived out one patient at a time, one family at a time - over and over again. This is for real. “Lord Have Mercy” Amen.



St. Joseph's Episcopal Church is committed to our faith and the containment of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Until further notice, the Church buildings are closed. Please click HERE to learn how to worship with us online. We encourage you to pray for the health and safety of those infected, our neighbors and communities in the United States, and all those affected by this crisis around the world. 


St. Joseph's urges you to stay at home, if you are not an essential worker.  We remain faithful and are praying for everyone's health and safety, but especially for those who are on the front lines of this pandemic. We encourage you to offer support to elderly and ill neighbors, friends, and family while ensuring the safety of us all. 

For coronavirus (COVID-19) resources, updates from Church leadership, and St. Joseph's response to the pandemic, please click below. 


St. Joseph's is an inclusive church faithfully committed to worship and service to the community. We emphasize strong families and an environment where the dignity and respect of all are championed.


Our ministries and organizations are dedicated to studying our Christian faith; mentoring youth; promoting health, wellness and preventative care; service; and improving the lives of the critically underserved in our community


Our Church is open for group activities, meetings for ministries, volunteer work, and Bible study. Two church services are held every Sunday. A service is held on Wednesdays followed by Bible Study for Senior Citizens. 


St. Joseph's is an Episcopal Church in the Long Island Diocese. We are an inclusive, vibrant congregation faithfully committed to worship and creating a community that is based on love, compassion, and service. 


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