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St. Joseph's is a church on the way. Our future includes constructing a new church building; continuing to worship and teach that God is love; and serving the community. We welcome your support to maintain our ministry and uphold our mission.


We offer companionship in Christ, and in community, as you move through each stage of life’s journey. St. Joseph's is committed to love, discipleship and service which strengthen families and communities. Join us as we worship and journey together.


An Episcopal church in the Diocese of Long Island, St. Joseph's is a vibrant congregation faithfully committed to worship and creating a community that is based on love, compassion, and service. St Joseph's emphasizes building and supporting strong families and an environment where dignity and respect of all are championed.


We welcome your support.  


Thank you for your support of our mission and ministries. Click below to donate now.


Thank you for your tithe and willingness to make an offering. Click below to do so now.


Pledges allow us to create a budget for our ministry. Thank you for your support

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