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Our leadership consists of the Interim Priest-in-Charge, the Wardens, and the Vestry.

Interim Priest-in-Charge


The Rev. Canon Dr. Winfred Vergara

The Rev. Canon Dr. Winfred "Fr. Fred" Vergara is the Interim Priest-in-Charge at St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church in Queens Village, New York. 

Fr.  Fred has been an Episcopal priest for over 40 years, serving in parishes around the world and as the National Missioner for Asiamerica Ministries and Director of Ethnic Congregational Development for the Episcopal Church.

The Wardens


Robert Saunders


SIMPSON, Sandra; Dale Marie, Omari, Desiree, Osayande.jpg

Sandra Lawrence-Simpson

Co-Chair, Finance Committee

Sandra has served as a vestry member for eight years, and Treasurer for nine and a half years. She is also co-chair of St. Joseph’s Cultural Committee and a member of the Fundraising and Finance Committees.

She is currently a part of the leadership team for several projects including St. Joseph’s Tree of Life and the Legacy Fund. 

The Vestry

ADAMS, Roxanne.jpg

Roxanne Adams

Clerk of the Vestry

Coretta Johnson.png

Coretta Johnson


BROWN, Angela.jpg

Angela Brown

Co-Chair, Finance Committee; Co-Chair, Fundraising Committee

Angela has been a member of St. Joseph's for over fifty years. During those years, she participated in various ministries, including the Senior Choir, the Lay Eucharistic Ministry, and the Episcopal Church Women ministry. Previously, she served as a vestry member and as warden, and founded the Rector's Aid Guild—now called the Fundraising Committee.

BYFIELD, Errol & Norma; Reginald, Tori,

Reginald Byfield

Co-Chair, Stewardship Committee

Black Cap

Olidia Gordon

Co-Chair, Outreach Committee

harold lowe_edited.jpg

Harold Lowe, Jr.

Harold Lowe Jr. is a baptized and confirmed member of St. Joseph's as well as a member of the Finance and Fundraising committees. Mr. Lowe's ministry has included being a dedicated church member, a lay reader, a driver for bringing congregation members to service and other events, and Santa Claus at our Annual Christmas tree lighting.

Jennifer Maxfield.png

Jennifer Maxfield

Co-Chair, Building & Grounds Committee

La Verne.jpeg

La Verne Mitchell

Co-Chair, Stewardship Committee

La Verne has been a member of St. Joseph’s since 1981. She has shared her music ministry, gifts, talents, and abilities in the parish as well as the day school. She was recently installed as a Lay Eucharistic Minister. La Verne is also a member of the diocesan Cathedral Chapter. She is a Life Member of the National Union of Black Episcopalians, Inc. (UBE) and president of the Diocese of Long Island UBE Chapter.


Jeffrey Samms

Co-Chair, Building & Grounds Committee

edline severe joseph.png

Edline Severe-Joseph

Co-Chair, Outreach Committee

Edline Severe-Joseph has been a member of St. Joseph’s Church for over 30 years. She has been a lay leader in the church and has held several positions including Co-Chair of the Youth Choir, Senior Choir member, Stewardship Chairperson, Stewardship member, Vestry Member, and Cultural Heritage Committee co-Chairperson.

Black Cap

Justin Sinclair

Co-Chair, Young Adult Ministry

WALKER, Wayne & Nichola; Edris Bryan, Or

Nichola Walker

Co-Chair, Young Adult Ministry

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