St. Joseph's Episcopal Church is dedicated to hosting seasonal study programs as a part of our Christian Formation.  We encourage you to join us to deepen your understanding of the scriptures, Jesus' teachings, and your faith.

What is Christian Formation?

Formation involves the ways in which we embrace what the scriptures refer to as "life in Christ." The principle modes of formation are our experiences of worship and the deepening of our inner life through greater openness to the Spirit (An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church).

Discipleship Explored

Mondays at 7:30 PM | July 13, 2020 to August 31, 2020

The word “disciple” means “follower” or “learner.” A disciple of Jesus is not some kind of super-Christian. In fact, Jesus assumes that all his followers are disciples. Over the next eight sessions, we will be exploring a letter written to some of the earliest Christian disciples by one of the earliest Christian leaders: Paul. He was in chains at the time, guarded day and night by a Roman soldier – and yet, as he keeps telling them, he is overflowing with joy. Why? Join us and discover. 

Session 1 | Confident in Christ | July 13, 2020

Session 2 Living in Christ July 20, 2020

Session 3 | One in Christ July 27, 2020

Session 4 | Obedient in Christ August 3, 2020

Session 5 Righteous in Christ August 10, 2020

Session 6 | Transformed in Christ | August 17, 2020

Session 7 | Rejoicing in Christ | August 24, 2020

Session 8 | Content in Christ | August 31, 2020

Via your computer or mobile device.

Study materials will be displayed on your screen.

To join with audio only via your mobile or land line phone, please dial 1 646 876 9923

Meeting ID: 863 0230 9901

Password: 012829

SESSION 1 | JULY 13, 2020

SESSION 2 | JULY 20, 2020

SESSION 3 | AUGUST 3, 2020


St. Joseph's is an Episcopal Church in the Long Island Diocese. We are an inclusive, vibrant congregation faithfully committed to worship and creating a community that is based on love, compassion, and service. 


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