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a new St. Joseph's

St. Joseph's Episcopal Church is a church on the way. We are a community committed to constructing a new space to worship, study, gather, and serve our neighbors in Queens.

We have tasked a Rebuilding Focus Group to make recommendations that will aid our efforts to visualize a design for the new building; create income generating initiatives for capital funds; and recommend a strategic plan to construct a new St. Joseph's building.  

We are rebuilding in coordination with the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island and the Diocesan Real Estate Team.

As we are able to disclose more information to the public, we will do so here. 

support the project

Do you have suggestions or ideas for the Rebuilding Focus Group? Contact them at

While the Focus Group conducts their work, St. Joseph's is committed to funding the construction of a new building. To support our efforts, please consider donating to one or all of the below options.

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Tree of Life Fund

The Tree of Life Fund was created to furnish the new St. Joseph's Episcopal Church following the demolition of our old building. The fund will finance and maintain the altar, pulpit, seating, an organ and sound system, and other items.

Legacy Fund

The Legacy Fund is a privately managed investment fund created to ensure that future generations can continue the mission and ministry of St. Joseph's. It is to be used to finance major projects, ministries of care, and service to create lasting change in our community.

Major Gifts

St. Joseph's is happy to receive donations over $10,000 as major gifts, to help us achieve our goal of a new church building for worship and to house our ministries. For information on how to make a major gift, please contact our Treasurer, Coretta Johnson.

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