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Eucharistic Ministers are lay people who are licensed by the Bishop to assist the Priest in worship services, administering the Sacraments of Holy Communion. We also take the consecrated elements to members of the congregation whom, by reason of illness or infirmity, are unable to attend church.                 


As a Eucharistic Minister, our first and primary ministry is to the Lord Himself. The desire to serve others must grow out of an even deeper desire to serve Christ.  The essence of our role as a Eucharistic Minister is faithfulness to our own relationship with God through prayer, Bible Study, the Sacraments, and fellowship with others.  Our ministry to others is an expression of Christ’s ministry to them. 


We work with other ministries to fulfill the mission of the Church.  St. Joseph’s Eucharistic Ministers are present at our weekly Church services. We regularly visit area Nursing homes and sick or homebound members of the Church.  We welcome anyone with the desire to serve others.


To find out more about Eucharistic Ministers at St. Joseph’s, please click to email Percival Jones 

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