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The Willing Workers for Jesus began as a fellowship when it was realized that many early morning worshipers were leaving service to eat breakfast alone.  Spontaneously, or more likely through movement of the spirit, several parishioners began bringing simple fare:  bagels, breads, coffee and tea to share.  An open invitation was extended to all worshippers to break their fast together and enjoy fellowship between the services.

Over time, the number of worshippers at the 8am service and the number of breakfasters have grown.  Breakfast continues to be provided entirely as a love offering by a rotating circle of parishioners and remains a vehicle of fellowship and a celebration of our cultural heritage.  Father Anthony is fond of describing this fellowship as “a sumptuous breakfast with good coffee and conversation”.  After feeding the soul at Holy Eucharist, all parishioners are invited to feed the body, providing them with the sustenance to continue on to Sunday School, Bible Study and/or the 11am service.


Just as the fellowship of these parishioners arrived through the spirit, so does the ministry.  The Willing Workers fill in where they are needed in a variety of functions.  Their formal ongoing activities in addition to their fellowship ministry include an annual soap and sock drive that provides care packages to seniors residing at various local nursing homes and providing the voices behind the Inspirational Choir during the 8am service.


Those with a calling to serve are welcome to join the Willing Workers for Jesus.

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