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St. Joseph's is participating in Renewal Works, a process by which our parish will consider our spiritual growth, individually and collectively. We will look at what we are doing that helps growth and where we have growth opportunity. 

What is spiritual growth?

One way to describe it is in terms of relationship. In the spirit of Jesus’ great commandment in which He called His followers to love of God and neighbor. It’s about how we can grow and go deeper in that love, in those relationships.

How does Renewal Works work?

It begins with an online confidential, anonymous inventory taken by as many parishioners as possible. This inventory, which takes about a half hour, asks about the individual’s spiritual journey, how the church helps in that journey, how personal spiritual practices and service figures into that journey.

We have surpassed our goal for SLI submissions and can now put all those answers together and come up with a snapshot of our congregation, some useful data for deciding what is next. 

Forest Trees

What are the next steps?

We will conduct workshops to determine answers to four key questions:

1. Where have we been? on March 2, 2019

2. Where are we now? on March 16, 2019

3. Where do we feel called to go? on March 30, 2019

4. How do we get there? on April 13, 2019

If you are interested in participating in these workshops, please sign up here or contact Paula Kong-Sinclair by phone at 516.698.8762, via email at or Shirley Jones by phone at 347.248.9696 and via email at

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