Amidst the challenges of this year and last year, we persevere with prayer and faith. If you or someone you know needs prayer, please submit a prayer request below. 

The names of those on this special prayer list will be read during every Sunday service. We ask that you also include them in your personal prayers and share with your prayer group(s). Now more than ever, the world needs prayer. Join us.

To add to this list, please click the below button or email

Thank you for your faith. Thank you for your prayers. 


In addition to the names below, we pray for essential workers, those seen and unseen who work to keep our cities functioning through the pandemic. We pray for our nation, and our newly elected President and Vice President.

Roxanne Adams & Family

Tricia Archer & Family

Ewart Atterton

Dwayne Bartley

Ernest Bartley

Irene Bartley

Edris Bryan

Percival Chester 

Clive Chin

Leda Durogene

Mother Kassinda Ellis

DaCosta Family

Edgar Francis

Jackie Hicks

James Hunter

Loren Jay

Allison Jones

Jonathan Jones

Pamela Leitch

Natasha Lovejoy

Janet McPhoy

Mary McWilliams

Nasib Family

DixieAnn Nurse

Lucille Nurse

Desiree Pierce

Basil Samms

Derrick Sinclair

Father Keith Voets

Zalika Walcott

Violet Wilson


St. Joseph's is an Episcopal Church in the Long Island Diocese. We are an inclusive, vibrant congregation faithfully committed to worship and creating a community that is based on love, compassion, and service. 


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