Every day the number of us touched by the pandemic rises.  The ill and infected are our family, our friends, our neighbors, essential workers, and the healthcare workers on the front lines of this war.

In the wake of the protests for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and the countless others murdered because of systemic racism and by police brutality, we are also praying for activists and protestors. Now more than ever, the world needs prayer.

Please include the names below in your daily prayers as will we. To add to this list, please click the below button or email info@stjosephqv.org

Thank you for your faith. Thank you for your prayers. 

Police Officers


Janitors and Cleaners

Mail Carriers

Package Delivery Personnel

Pharmacy Staff

Utilities Staff

Gas Station Workers

Warehouse Employees

Food Service & Restaurant Staff

Volunteers & Charity Staff

Elected Officials


Healthcare Community

Scientists and Researchers

National Guard

Sanitation Workers

Grocery Store Staff

Delivery Workers

Transit Workers

Truck Drivers

Supply Chain & Distribution Staff


Priests, Rabbis, Imams, & Religious Staff

Community Leaders



In addition to the names below, we pray for essential workers, those seen and unseen who work to keep our cities functioning; in the wake of the protests for Black Lives Matter, we are pray for activists and protestors.

Emily G.

Geraldine G.

Glynnis G.

Marie G.

Osayande G

Yvette G.

Audley Constantine H

Beverly H.

Janice Patricia H.

Marcia H.

Matthew H.

Merlene H.

Ivy J.

Jessica J.

Noel J.

Phil J.

Rupert J.

Marcel K.

Rohan K.

Aitchell L.
Akil L.
Ben L.
Hadley L.
Jaleisa L.
Jamila L.
Jovan L.
Destiny L.
Maura L.
Natasha L.
Roy L.
Samara L.
Sherry L
Thelston L.
Amma M.

Dale-Marie M.

Evelyn M.
Glen M.
Glenna M
Greg M.
Julene M.
Larie M.
Norma M.
Omari M.
Noah M.
Sandra M. & family

Tamiko M.

Tricia M.

Beverley N.

Christine N.

Frank N.

George N.

Mary N.

Pearl N.

Patrick O.

Susan O.

Desiree P.

Noel P.

Safie P.

Wendel P.

Gloria R.

Jacqueline R.

Maurice R.

Rudolph R. 

Avril S

Byron S.
Celeste S.

Derrick S.

Dorothy S.
Justin S
Rachel S.
Rosa S
Sandra S.
Sheila S.
Sheila S.
Steve S.
Walter S.
Douye T.
Mirtha T. & family 

Shirrol T.

Silvia T. & family

Tari T.

Keith V.
Kino V.
Linden V.
Alex W. 

Christopher W.

Cynthia W. 

Dwight W. 

Elisa W.

Franklyn W. 

Gabrielle W. 

Jeanette W.

Julite W.

Kelly W.

Koreen W

Kryshna W

Margarita W.

Monica W.

Patricia W.

Stacy W.

Wayne W.

Cherry Y.





Barbara A.

Cerise A.

Christianna A.

Collin A. 

Lloyd A.

Oren A.
Roxanne A.

Winifred A.
Angela B.
Daphne B.

Heather B.
Hugh B.
Jackie B.
Marcia B.
Norma B.
Patricia B.
Reginald B.

Reynold B.
Stella B.
Tori B.
William B.
Arturo C.
Caleen C.
Carz C.
Cecil C.
Cynthia C.
Dorothy C.

Heather R.

Hopeton C.
Jean C.
Joan C.
Mildren C. & family

Millie C.

Rohan C.

Sade Simone C.

Stephen C.

Wayne C.

Yvonne C.

Anthony D. 

Ethel Agatha D. 

Evelyn D. 

Georgia D. 

Lissa D.

Kassinda E.

Mable E.

Marshall E. 

Yolanda E.

Luke F.

Marilyn F.

Alvin G.

Barbara G. 

Desiree G.

Edna G.


St. Joseph's is an Episcopal Church in the Long Island Diocese. We are an inclusive, vibrant congregation faithfully committed to worship and creating a community that is based on love, compassion, and service. 


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